More Units Of Light Output Per Dollar--Dare To Compare

“This fixture is the best value, high-performance grow light I have tested...spectrum is perfect for full-cycle growing...I recommend highly”

- Shane, MIGRO


Exceptional Yields

Get ready to experience high quantity and high quality yields with our industry-leading spectra and LED module design.

Unbeatable Return On Investment

 High quality light output for your plants at the lowest upfront cost.

Highest Performance Per Dollar

Top-level efficacy gives you more bang for your buck (lower electric bill).

Try Risk-Free For 120 Days

We're so certain that you'll be happy with the yield. If you're not 100% satisfied return the lights for a full refund.


At GLS, we tailor our LED grow light wavelengths for particular photomorphogenic responses, photoperiodic signals, chlorophyll A and B absorption, xanthophyll carotenoid pigments, and anthocyanin accumulation in plant tissue.  We also design and build our LED modules using a precise mix of light emitting diodes including Samsung white LEDs and OSRAM 660 nm red LEDs. The white portion of the recipe is composed of a precise ratio of warmer and cooler correlated color temperature (CCT) LEDs. The result is our GLS HI RED spectrum--exceptional for full-cycle cannabis cultivation.  



  1. Delivering the highest quality, plant-loving light to your crops is one of our two primary aims at Grow Light Science. We never skimp on PPF (photosynthetic photon flux).

  2. Our second aim is to offer lower LED fixture cost.


Our strategy is to give your plants what they need to flourish while giving you what you need most--exceptional ROI and more money in your pocket. 



When you invest in a grow light, you want light output that is going to make your plants thrive . In scientific terms, you want an appropriate level of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF)--the portion of emitted photons that your plants care about--with an optimum spectral distribution (mix of wavelengths) to drive photosynthesis and support cannabinoid and terpene development.  You invest in PPF upfront when you buy your lights and every month thereafter when you pay the electric bill. At Grow Light Science, our approach is to offer the best spectral distribution of PPF on the market at the lowest cost. In the broader lighting market, the expression is "most flux per buck".  When compared with many of the best-selling LED lights on the market today, the GROW 200 and GROW 300 come out on top in most key metrics including efficacy, fixture price/PPF, fixture price/watt, and annual electric cost. 


Have a look at the table below.  It compares our GROW 300 and GROW 200 models to all of the competetive LED grow lights tested by Shane at MIGRO.   

The bottom line is that Grow Light Science grow lights deliver more flux per buck--a lower cost per unit of light output--and a dramatically better return on your investment. 

We encourage you to compare our GROW 200 or GROW 300 to any and all competitor's grow lights...if you can find a better light, buy it.

LED Grow Light Comparisan - PAR Per $ 9-29-21.png

At Grow Light Science, we combine the highest quality LED recipe with smarter fixture chassis design and manufacturing methods to deliver the best value in the grow light industry today.  You'll get a lot more high-quality light for your money from Grow Light Science.

200 LOGO.png

513 umol/s
206 W
704 Diodes
2 ft Length

300 LOGO.png

813 umol/s
321 W
1,056 Diodes
4 ft length



We want you to try our fixtures for a full grow cycle. If you're not completely happy with the results, return for a full refund.


Grow Light Science lights come standard with a five year warranty.

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