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4,594 umol/s


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Please Note: Commercial inquiries only. Products not offered for residential use. Minimum purchase = 12 units.


The PROGROW 4200 HB model is a full-cycle, high-output, top-lighting solution for indoor commercial cannabis cultivation. It produces 4,594 umol/s of PPF and is designed to deliver PPFD levels of up to 2,000 umol/m2/s with excellent uniformity.

The 4200 HB's form factor allows for scalability and multiple grow room configurations where photosynthesis and yield maximization is the aim.  Top-shelf light output (PPF), spectral distribution, and efficacy will delivery amazing results with modest impact on your wallet. 

Key Features:

  • Commercial Grade Design and Construction

  • Light weight with zero assembly required – allows for quick, plug and play commercial installation.

  • Sleek, all aluminum, split bar design for exceptional heat dissipation.

  • DLC Listed - Utility Rebate Eligible

  • ETL Certified to UL 8800

  • IP 65 ingress protection and UL wet location rating.

  • GLS HI-RED Full-Cycle Spectrum

  • Top Bin LEDs 

  • Dual RJ12 Ports For External Control

  • Compatible with all 0 to 10 V room control systems.

  • Poly-carbonate lens covers protect LEDs from dirt and contamination and allow for easy periodic cleaning.

  • Available with and without built-in power conversion. Compatible with Artesyn LCM 4000 remote power system to remove heat from grow rooms and reduce HVAC load overall in addition to numerous other benefits.

  • US based service and support

  • 5 Year Warranty

PROGROW 4200 HB Specification.png


Lighting Plans

Cannabis yields are a function of light intensity. Many studies show that PPFD levels as high as 1,500 umols/m2/s will deliver a proportional increase in yields so long as other critical inputs are kept in balance. These include CO2, water, and nutrients. Some growers are enjoying even greater yields with PPFD levels as high as 2,500 umol/m2/s (similar to the intensity of the mid-day sun in the tropics where strains of sativa sub-species tend to thrive) for limited amounts of time at certain periods in their grow cycle. The PROGROW 4200 HB will deliver PPFD levels greater than 2,500 umols/m2/s, when arranged in an array of multiple units. We recommend that all growers study and experiment within their grow space to devise the best combination of inputs. 


Recommended Hanging Heights and PPFD Levels

The PROGROW 4200 HB can be arranged in multiple configurations for commercial indoor growing or greenhouse application. Unlike our PROGROW 2100 close-proximity solution, the PROGROW 4200 HB would typically be mounted distances of four feet or more above plant canopy to deliver good uniformity.  Fixture quantity and layout is tailored to each project depending on PPFD targets. We offer complimentary lighting plan development using AGI32 engineering software.

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Please Note: Commercial inquiries only. Products not offered for residential use.

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