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The PROGROW 850 is a full-cycle top lighting solution for commercial or residential cannabis cultivation.  The 850's form factor allows for scalability and multiple grow room and grow tent configurations where photosynthesis and yield maximization is the aim.  The PROGROW 850 delivers high PPFD levels for use with CO2 supplementation. Top-shelf light output (PPF), spectral distribution, and efficacy will delivery amazing results with modest impact on your wallet. Try risk-free for 120 days.

Key Features:

  • GLS HI-RED spectrum

  • Top Bin  LEDs 

  • Built in dimming control knob

  • Dual RJ12 Ports For External Control

  • High CRI - 93

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Free Shipping In Lower 48


PROGROW 850 SPEC 3-21-22.png


Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (µmol/m2/s)

Cannabis yields are a function of light intensity. Recent studies show that PPFD levels as high as 1,500 umols/m2/s will deliver a proportional increase in yields so long as other critical inputs are kept in balance. These include CO2, water, and nutrients. The PROGROW 850 will deliver PPFD levels over 1,400 umols/m2/s, whether arranged individually or in an array of multiple units. We recommend that all growers study and experiment within their grow space to devise the best combination of inputs. 


Recommended Hanging Heights and PPFD Levels

  • Seedling - 36" to 48" hanging height, 200 to 300 umols/m2/s

  • Vegetative - 24 " to 36" hanging height, 300 to 600 umols/m2/s

  • Flower - 12" to 36" hanging height, 600 to 1,500 umols/m2/s (Note: CO2 supplementation is necessary for higher PPFD levels)

In order to adjust and acheive target PPFD levels from phase to phase throughout the cultivation cycle, it is recommended that growers use a PAR meter in combination with hang height and dimming. The PAR maps and tent configurations shown below are meant to provide general guidance. 



5’ x 5’ Reflective Walled Area

Mounting Height = 38”

Average PPFD = 914 umol/m2/s

850 PAR MAP 5X5 AT 38 IN.png

5’ x 5’ Reflective Walled Area

Mounting Height = 32”

Average PPFD = 949 umol/m2/s

850 PAR MAP 5X5 AT 32 IN.png

5’ x 5’ Reflective Walled Area

Mounting Height = 18”

Average PPFD = 992 umol/m2/s

850 PAR MAP 5X5 AT 18IN.png
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