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Take control of you grow space with the Command Controller for our PROGROW Series lights. It uses industry standard RJ12 cables to connect to and control up to 100 lights at a time. The controller features dual zone control - two zones (A/B) for independent control and built-in temperature and humidity sensor inputs for climate control. The setup is simple and the intuitive.

Key Features:

  • Simple setup

  • Control up to 100 Grow Light Science PROGROW Series lights

  • Adjust light output from 0-100%

  • Schedule ON/OFF cycles as needed

  • Sunrise/sunset simulation feature

  • Bluetooth enabled and controllable via iOS and Android devices

  • 5-Year Warranty

  • Monitors temperature and humidity simultaneously

  • Includes (2) temperature sensors and (2) humidity sensors

  • Includes (2) 2m RJ12 cables.

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